Tarian Spells Archive

Welcome to the Grand Library of Ralidor! The purpose of this library is to catalog the rare and unusual spells found within this realm. If what you are looking for are the more common and well-known spells, I recommend some basic books like The Players' Handbook, Tome of Magic, and Spell Compendium. These books can also provide a wealth of basic knowledge on spellcasting, which you must be reasonably familiar with in order for these archives to be of use to you.

On the one side, you will find the Hall of Divine Inspiration. It contains a small but growing collection of priest spells currently being researched by our local monks, who have been gracious enough to lend their time and patience to this task. They will assist you should you need help on a particular incantation.

On the other, is the Hall of Arcane Knowledge. Most of the wizard spells contained here were found by adventurers and donated to the library, so their content is largely unknown. Finding people to decipher these scrolls and texts is difficult, so the list of researched spells is short, for now.

Hall of Divine Inspiration
Nature's Cleansing
Warding Light
Jhuntara's Bolt of Radiance
Nature's Recovery
Sunbolt of Aben-Sol
Hall of Arcane Knowledge
Silver's Shockwave
Arc Lightning
Ball Lightning
Plasma Storm