"Goodness reflects the light; and evil bears the seed of all darkness.
These are reflections of the mind, the mirrors of the soul.
Choose well..."

The Ancients' Crossroads, also known as the world of Tarias, is a medieval fantasy realm world and campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons game. This site is a showcase containing stories, characters, and other D&D resources for use in this campaign setting, and for the D&D game in general. DMs and players alike are encouraged to use these resources in their own games and adventures. For those heavy into the rolplaying aspect of the D&D game, the mini-adventure below should give you a taste of the storytelling and role-playing that went into the world's development.

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Highland Cave Your thirst for adventure has driven you to a part of the wilderness few have ever visited before. The craggy mountainside is almost barren, save for a few scraggly trees that cling stubbornly to the rock. Overhead, angry clouds are building, threatening to put a damp end to your day's adventure. A crack of thunder rips through the air behind you, and you find yourself desperately seeking shelter from the quickly approaching storm.

In your search, you come upon a small, virtually hidden entrance to what appears to be a series of caves leading into the mountain. With a freshly lit torch in hand, you explore ever deeper through the winding tunnel, away from the cold and damp outside the entrance. The tunnel ends in a vast cavern, with strange carvings in the walls, and a large symbol dominating the floor.

You step lightly into the cavern, keeping to the wall and watching for the ever-present traps such places often housed. It is obvious from the layers of dust that this place has long since been forgotten by whoever built the chamber. Yet, you can almost feel the latent power of the place, lying in wait for its masters to re-awaken it, or perhaps to lure in the unsuspecting adventurer.

You are no more than halfway across the room, when a whisper of a voice emanates forth from seemingly everywhere at once. "A traveler approaches..." the ghostly voice begins.

Your muscles tense, and the hairs on your neck stand on end. The air is completely still, yet something beyond your senses stirs in the chamber. The voice comes again, only marginally clearer. "This place has waited..." comes the voice, "...longer than you can possibly imagine..."

As the voice's echoes die away, the symbol on the floor starts to glow with strange, swirling energies. As you watch, transfixed by the spectacle, the swirling energies converge into an image of a strange landscape, lying under an unfamiliar sky.

"Behold, traveler, for you stand before the gate of the Ancients. Beyond here lies the world of Tarias, land of the Ancients' Crossroads. Enter...and begin your journey..."