RPG Tools & References

In this section, you will find a growing list of charts, tables, and documents that can be useful tools for running your campaigns and adventures. More tools and online documentation are added every month, so check here often for the latest updates!

All resources below are in HTML format, unless otherwise noted.

3.5e / d20 / Pathfinder 1e
  • 3.5e / d20 Character Sheet - [ HTML Format ]
  • Pathfinder Character Sheet - [ HTML Format ]
  • 3.5e / d20 / Pathfinder Spell Sheets - [ HTML Format ]
  • Digital HP Tracker - [ Mobile Compatible ]
    Allows you to track the current and maximum health of multiple characters, along with any bonuses or penalties. Compatible with the rules for D&D 3.5e, Pathfinder, and other d20 systems.
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2nd Edition AD&D
  • Player Character Sheet (HTML Format) - [ Front ] [ Back ]
    New and improved version! Features an improved layout with room for more equipment, cleaner visual style, printer-friendly, and works in all major browsers. When printing, make sure to set your browser's margins between 0.25" and 0.5"
  • Player Character Sheet - [ MS Word (zipped) ]
    This is the front and back of the original Character Sheet formatted in MS Word.
  • Memorized Spells Sheet Collection - [ MS Excel (zipped) ]
    This is a collection of spell sheets to easily keep track of memorized spells. The collection contains separate spell sheets for priests, mages, paladins, rangers, and bards. Each sheet features a convenient guide along the left edge to show the minimum level required to fill each spell slot.
  • Blank Spellbook for Wizards and Bards - [ MS Excel (zipped) ]
    Use this tool to keep track of the spells in your spellbook. A convenient guide along the left edge shows you the minimum Intelligence score required to use each slot.
  • Tarian Mystics - Character Class Info - [ RTF format (zipped) ]
    This document contains AD&D 2e information on the custom character class called the Tarian Mystic.
  • Attributes Tables - [ STR ] [ DEX ] [ CON ] [ INT ] [ WIS ] [ CHA ]
  • Thac0 Combat Chart - [ HTML ] [ MS Excel ]
    Displays the minimum hit roll required to hit any AC with a given Thac0.
  • Player Handbook - [ RTF format (573k, zipped) ]
    The 2nd-Edition Player Handbook
  • Dungeon Master Guide - [ RTF format (476k, zipped) ]
    The 2nd-Edition Dungeon Master Guide