Woodland Felosians

This race comprises the largest percentage of felosians, yet they are considered the most mysterious. They form small, closely-knit villages in the deep woodlands and jungles. They live in harmony with nature, and have learned various ways to harness its power without harming it. They are deeply religious, and train their warriors primarily to hunt for food and defend their villages from raids. They share the same love of art and music as their elven neighbors, and teach their children the elven language in addition to their own.

Racial Interactions:
These felosians get along best with elves and half-elves, but enjoy exchanging stories, knowledge, and valuable goods with occasional visitors of other races, as well. They prefer their isolation, but rarely ever refuse their hospitality to a friendly group of adventurers or traders.

They have tenuous relations with humans, preferring to stay away from human settlements. However, when dealing with humans who carelessly destroy the forests near their villages, the woodland felosians quickly become hostile. They give the offenders but one warning before resorting to violence. If the warning goes unheeded, the offenders can expect a swift and painful death.

Woodland felosians most resemble the large jungle cats such as jaguars, panthers, tigers, etc. Their fur can be any combination of grey, brown, black, yellow, or orange, sometimes with stripes or spots. Their eyes are often grey, yellow, blue, brown, or black.

Class Selection
When choosing a class, the woodland felosians have the widest range to choose from, though they favor the Fighter, Wizard, and Tarian Mystic classes. These classes do not count towards the penalty for multiclassing.

Advantages and Disadvantages:
Woodland Felosians receive the standard bonuses and penalties for their race. They recieve their choice of Acrobatic or Alertness as a bonus feat at 1st level.