Highland Felosians

The highland felosians are mountain dwellers, often living in harsh and unforgiving terrain. They are the most savage and brutal of the felosian races, where survival takes precedence over such lesser things as art and high culture. Preferring to stay in small mobile groups, they rarely form villages and tend to wander from one hunting ground to another. Wizards are rare in these groups, mostly due to the highly superstitious nature of this race. Priests are tolerated, but only because the healing arts are necessary to survival, and they have the power to drive away unwanted spirits.

Racial Interactions:
The other felosian races rarely acknowledge their kinship to these creatures, considering them a throwback of long-ago times when rage ruled over intellect. The only race these felosians have any peaceful relation with are the dwarves, mostly because the dwarves mine valuable metals for making weapons and are skilled fighters, a quality the mountain dwellers can respect. They are curt, but gruff in their relations with other races. Most of all, they despise humans. The majority of their contact with humans has been with bandits and barbarians, who fight them for the scarce resources in the mountain regions.

Highland Felosians often resemble large mountain lions and other large cats found in the mountain regions. Their fur is often grey, light brown, or golden brown. The most common eye colors are yellow, green, and bluish-grey. In colder climates, they most often resemble large lynx and bobcats.

Class Selection / Favored Classes:
Highland Felosions value strength and cunning, traits needed to survive the harse conditions of their home land, thus they favor the Fighter and Rogue classes. These classes do not count towards the penalties for multiclassing. However, Highland Felosians suffer a 10% exp penalty if they select any class with arcane spellcasing (such as Bard, Wizard, or Tarian Nystic).

Advantages and Disadvantages:
In addition to the normal racial abilities, Highland Felosians receive a +2 racial bonus to Constitution, and a -2 racial penalty to Charisma. Highland Felosians receive their choice of Toughness or Endurance as a bonus feat at 1st level.