Grassland Felosians (Savanni)

The members of this plains-dwelling race, who call themselves the Savanni, are the most prosperous of the Felosians. They build their towns and villages along the major trade routes of the open plains and grassy foothills. They revel not only in the exchange of money, but also in the exchange of culture, ideas, and magic. Their social structure is very ordered, with almost every member living out their life within a specific social caste. Their insistence on order and love of money often make for an interesting contrast.

Racial Interactions:
The Grassland Felosians are unparalleled in their relations with other races. They welcome into their cities anyone willing to abide by their rules and have something to buy, sell, or trade. They are also civil toward humans, in a snobbish sort of way. They consider themselves superior to humans, and often times, other races as well.

These Felosians most resemble lions, cheetahs, tigers, and several other predatory cats of the plains. Their fur is brightly colored, often with stripes, spots, and other patterns of color. Their eyes can be grey, brown, green, blue, or gold.

Class Selection
Because of their strict caste system, only the upper and middle classes in their towns can retain large amounts of wealth, so many Felosians turn to thievery and mercenary jobs to survive. Mages also are common, as magical spells, items, and potions are highly sought by traders. The favored classes for Highland Felosians are Rogue, Wizard, and Sorcerer. These classes do not count towards the penalty for multiclassing.

Advantages and Disadvantages:
In addition to the normal racial abilities, Grassland Felosians receive a +2 racial bonus to Intelligence, and a -2 racial penalty to Constitution. They recieve their choice of Deceitful or Negotiator as a bonus feat at 1st level.