Brief History of the Felosions

At the time of the War of the Scaled Horde, the Felosians were still somewhat primitive compared to other races, but their skill in fighting, arcane magic, and stealth proved more than a match for the dark forces attempting to destroy their homelands. They formed alliances with elves, humans, and dwarves alike, both to bolster their defenses and to strengthen their offensive efforts against the dark army. Their warriors were almost always on the front lines, while their wizards and priests often wielded strange magics considered too dangerous by the other races.

In the final weeks of the war, their homeland became the primary target of the Horde army. Despite their best efforts, their homeland was ultimately destroyed in the cataclysm that ended the war. The few remaining Felosians took refuge in the lands of their former allies.

With the homeland they had fought to preserve gone, their god mysteriously silent, and their people scattered like so many leaves in a windstorm, the felosians were a broken people. They roamed the realm, searching for a new place to call home. It would take many generations before the Felosians were able to settle down and re-discover their heritage. Though a few brave souls continued to involve themselves in the affairs of the world, most have turned their attention inward, and remain in seclusion even to this day.