Races of the Realm - Felosions

Felosians are among the youngest races in existence within the realm. When they first appeared in the realm, they were wild, isolated creatures. They killed intruders with swift efficiency, and dominated the untamed woods and mountains in the south-western portion of Tarias' largest continent. With the guidance of their benefactor, the Ancient known as Felos, they began forming small hunting groups which eventually grew into primitive villages over the next few generations.

They are roughly humanoid, with cat-like facial features and body frames, and most of their bodies are covered in short, colorful fur. They stand roughly 62 to 74 inches in height, and their frames can range from small and limber to large and powerful. Felosians are nimble creatures, with superb balance and precision. They also have a love for exploration and to try new things, often against better judgement. They avoid wearing metal armor whenever possible, preferring instead light, natural armors that don't impair their natural abilities.

Felosians are one of the few demi-human races that have a shorter life span than humans. They typically live about 72-94 years. They reach adolescence at about 9 years old, adulthood about 15, middle-age about 35, and old-age around 50.

In the generations since their first contact with other races, most Felosians get along fairly well with their neighbors. They can be weary of strangers a times, but for the most part offer their hospitality towards friendly travelers who happen by their homes and villages. The notable exception to their disposition is humans. Depending on the geographic area, felosian-human relations can vary wildly from civil, guarded relationships to openly hostile encounters.

The average Felosian is skilled in one craft or another, from the artistic to the functional. Most become builders, potters, and other professions necessary to sustain the villages in which they reside. Those individuals that are particularly gifted often become scholars, artists, priests, or wizards.

Depending on the region they hail from, Felosian advanturers tend to favor the Fighter, Rogue, and Wizard classes, including any combination of the three. Far more rare are those who choose the path of the Tarian Mystics.

All felosians get a +2 racial bonus to their dexterity score, and a -2 racial penalty to their wisdom score. Because of their cat-like nature, they have natural stealth and climbing abilities, gaining a +2 racial bonus to Hide, Move Silently, and Climb. All Felosians also have low-Light vision.

There are three main branches of the felosian race, divided by the geographic regions they reside in. There are the Highland Felosians, who live in rocky, mountainous terrain; the Woodland Felosians, the most populous of the three, who live in forests and deep jungles; and the Grassland Felosians, who live in the grassy plains of temperate and tropical regions. More information on each can be found in their respective pages.