Tarian Pantheon - Tatyana
Goddess of Earth and Nature

Aben-Sol holy symbol Alignment:
Neutral (with Good tendencies)
Earth, Nature, Motherhood, Life
Earth, Animal, Plant, Weather, Creation
Any non-evil

She is the supreme mother of life in the realm, as well as mother to several of the other Ancients. She is revered as the spiritual embodiment of Tarias, and is the ultimate protector of the lands of this realm. Tatyana's primary goal is to maintain the delicate balance of nature. She and her followers strive to ensure that life continues to flourish and grow in the realm, without endangering the ability of the realm to support that life. She has a loyal following among not only druids and sentient wildlife, but is recognized prominently in the pantheons of demihumans such as halflings, elves, and felosians.

Common Physical Forms

Besides her human and demihuman forms, Tatyana has several other favorite forms, including pixies, unicorns, dryads, and similar magical creatures of the woodlands. She can also assume the form of any natural plant or animal (including giant sizes).

Tatyana in Demi-human pantheons

Like many of the major powers native to Tarias, Tatyana is not limited to just the human and half-elf belief systems. In fact, many of her worshippers are demihumans such as elves, halflings, and felosians.

For the elves native to Tarias, she is known as the Earth Mother or the Supreme Mother. She has become integrated into the Seldarine on Tarias, and now stands second only to Corellon himself in the elven belief system. According to legend, the elves of Tarias were formed from the Earth - imbued with Tatyana's power - which mixed with the blood of Corellon along with the tears of the moon.

She is worshipped to a degree by the halflings, who call her by the moniker given her by the humans, "Mother Nature". For them, she is the one who protects the balance of nature, governs the passing of the seasons, and nurtures life in the realm. She is known to work closely with the halfling goddess of Argiculture, Sheela Peryroyl. Though they share a similar portfolio (Nature), Tatyana's focus has always been on the balance of nature as a whole, while Sheela's focus is mostly on plants and crops.

The Felosians also worship Tatyana as the mother of Felos, their patron god. Though the main focus of their worship is on Felos, those Felosians with a particularly strong connection to nature focus their worship to Tatyana.

The Church


Tatyana's church organization is loosely ordered. The structure and rank within the church is informal and full of variety, a reflection of the godesses' own ideals. The vast majority of her church consists of druids, clerics, and specialty priests. Rangers constitute the "military" arm of the church, as well as serving as emissaries to the settled territories bordering on the woodlands. Rarest of all are the Sylvan Blades, who have their own inner circle within the normal church order, answerable only to the goddess herself and constantly wandering the lands.