Aben Sol
The Eternal Sun
Aben-Sol holy symbol
Alignment:   Lawful Good
Portfolio:   Sun, Light, Law, Leadership
Domains:   Sun, Law, Good, Strength, Nobility, Healing
Clergy:   LG, NG, LN

The leader of the Ancients, and the oldest among the known Ancients. The Sun, the source of warmth and light to all living things, is a direct manifestation of his power within the realm. He heads the great Council of the Ancients, and though strict, is overwhelmingly benevolent in his judgements. Among the mortals, he is venerated by good-aligned rulers and nobles who follow the "mandate of heaven" - the divine right to rule.

Common Physical Forms

Perhaps his most obvious form is the Sun. This is not an avatar in the traditional sense; rather it is a phenomenon directly associated with this god.

Aben-Sol may appear in the form of a human or demi-human male, always clad in golden armor and often armed with either a lance or javelin. Aben-Sol can also appear in the form of a gold dragon, a phoenix, or any other lawful-good or neutral-good creatures that are associated with the element of fire.

The Church

Mission & Edicts

The church's primary function is to uphold law and order, striving for the greater good, and opposing anything which is destructive or evil. They believe that laws should be used to improve the quality of life for all people who follow them, and not just for a select few in society. The views of the clergy are consistent with those one would expect of the traditional Paladin, representing not just law, but righteousness and nobility.


The church is highly ordered and stratified, with each member having a clearly defined place within each local chapter of the church. The highest members of the church are always high-level clerics, who usually govern over several temples within their designated districts. Next are lower-level clerics and other divine casters, who embody the main portion of the clergy, and can hold positions of authority within the local temples they serve. Paladins and multi-class Clerics constitute the military might of the church, called into service whenever an evil or injustice must be set right.


White and gold are the predominate themes of the armor and ceremonial robes worn by the clergy. Armor is always tinted a light golden hue with white trim, and always highly decorated with ornate patterns. A white tabard is often worn over the armor, prominently displaying the holy symbol of Aben-Sol both on the front and back.

For religious ceremonies, the high priests wear brightly colored and pressed robes, each tailored to fit the priest so that the bottom of the robe never quite touches the ground. Paladins in attendance at these ceremonies always wear a suit of ceremonial armor.