Riverford Keep, Lair of Eniel Shahn'zul

Riverford Keep, Lair of Eniel Shahn'zul

This underground lair once belonged to a female dark elf Transmuter named Eniel Shahn'zul, who lived in exile from her people over 500 years ago. How she died is unknown, though it is suspected she was murdered by an assassin sent by her old family House. After her death, her apprentices buried her and went on their separate ways, sealing the lair with magical traps to keep out thieves or other intruders.

E - Entrance Foyer
The front door to the lair is magically sealed with a Wizard Lock spell, with a warning inscribed on the doors indicating that what lies beyond the doors is no longer fit for the living. Past the doors is the foyer, which has a large pressure plate in the center of the floor, triggering a lightning bolt trap if any intruders step into the room.

A - Atrium
This circular room contains what used to be a working fountain. The fountain has since been calcified by several hundred years of mineral deposits from the water. Above the fountain is a statue of a female figure, presumably of an unknown goddess judging by the style and pose of the statue. Behind the statue is a wall carving depicting a thunderstorm with a lighting bolt streaking down from the clouds.

K - Kitchen
This was where meals were prepped and consumed. There is little else of interest here, save for a few small rats that scurry about.

P - Pantry
This room was a pantry which once stored various food provisions and cooking supplies. All that remains of the provisions are some old rotted crates and lots of dust.

B - Bedroom
The furniture here has since become warped and cracked, with several patches where the wooden frame has rotted altogether. On the wall is a large wall mirror, still in good shape despite centuries of dust buildup. The mirror conceals a small wall panel to a small cubbyhole. The DM can decide what, if any, traps and/or treasure lies in the cubbyhole

L - Library
All books in this room are over 500 years old, and are in such bad shape from years of neglect that they nearly crumble to dust if handled. In the center of the room is a large book pedestal. Judging by the slight discoloration on the top of the pedastal, it would appear that it once held a large book, currently missing from the pedestal.

Lab - Laboratory
Shelves and work tables line the walls of this room, with several relief images in the walls at regular intervals. The northeast relief opens up to reveal a secret passage. The entrance to the lab is trapped, summoning 1 or more Grell monsters into the room if the proper command word is not spoken before entering. On the tables are several old potions, and hidden in a compartment behind one of the tables is a Philosopher's Stone.

C - Crypt
This small crypt is the burial chamber of the wizard who once lived in the lair. It is guarded by Crypt Things and a few other undead. The entrance to the crypt is trapped with Stinking Cloud spell, filling whole room. If the coffin itself is disturbed, a Banshee will rise from the coffin to attack (this is the spirit of the dead female wizard). Treasure contained in the coffin includes standard treasure (as determined by the DM), plus a Staff of the Runemaster and the spellbook of Eniel Shahn'zul.

Spellbook of Eniel Shahn'zul
This is the spell book of a dark elf Transmuter, with the name "Eniel Shahn'zul" inscribed on the book’s cover. Though most of the pages have since faded from age and use, there are 28 intact spells, most dealing with alteration magic. The following is a list containing the level and number of spells which are still intact (exact spells to be determined by the DM).

There are also extensive alchemy notes, including formulae and ingredient lists for approximately 2d6 different kinds of common potions. Any wizard who spends a full month studying the text gains the Alchemy proficiency (2nd Edition), or a permanent +2 Insight bonus to Craft - Alchemy (D20/ Pathfinder). The exact list of potions that the book contains is up to the DM.