Riverford Keep, Wyvern Caverns

Riverford Keep, Wyvern Caverns

These are the caverns to the west of Riverford Keep.

1. Tunnel to Riverford Keep
This tunnel heads roughly eastward for about 1000 feet to a secret door in the basement of Riverford Keep.

2. Wall Breach
This is a breach in the tunnel wall that opens up into the large caverns to the south and west.

3. Tunnel to secret lab
This end of the tunnel leads a few dozen feet to a secret, long abandoned alchemist lab complex built deep underground.

4. Main Cavern
This is the largest of the natural caverns, capable of housing a dragon or a family of wyverns. The mouth of the cave is to the southwest, where it opens up to a cliff face overlooking the river. The cave mouth is only accessible by climbing the sheer face of the cliff or by flying creatures.

5. Side Cavern
This smaller cavern is accessible through the larger cavern to the west. This cave is known to have been used in the past as a nesting ground for wyverns.