Riverford Keep, Basement

Riverford Keep, Basement

Note that only major features of the castle are listed here.

1. Multi-purpose Room
This area of the basement serves several purposes. It is used for some storage, and once contained various devices used to torture prisoners. In the upper-right corner of the room is a locked stairway leading up to the main floor of the east tower. Also of note is the secret doorway that leads to a natural stone tunnel. This tunnel heads roughly west towards a series of caves upriver from the castle.

2. Training Room
This room is used for the training and daily practice of the castle guards. It contains a variety of practice combat equipment, and is active most of the day.

3. Forge/Armory
This room is used to store the extra weapons and armor for the defenders of the castle. The room also contains a fully stocked forge used to make and repair the weapons and armor.

4. Prison
This is the prison area, containing 8 small locked cells.

5. Prison Guard Room
This is the room where the prison guards stay while on duty. The door to this room has a large barred opening in the top half to allow the guards to watch the prisoners while in the room.

6. Boiler Room
These two boiler rooms are used to help heat the ballroom, banquet hall, and entrance hall on the 1st floor. The boilers are meant to supplement the limited heat given off by the fireplaces in those rooms. A series of stone ductwork carries the heated air up to the rooms, while other ducts carry cold air from the rooms above back down to the boilers.

7. Sewer Access
This small room allows access to the sewer that runs under the castle. The sewer consists of a 3-foot diameter tunnel that winds under the castle, meeting up with small drain pipes in the basement areas and those leading down from the kitchen and various bathrooms in the castle. The sewer is fed water from the moat, and drains into the river behind the castle

8. Storage Rooms
These are the main storage rooms of the castle, where everything from food and wine to siege weapon parts are stored. When fully stocked, these rooms can hold enough supplies to support the castle's residents for months at a time.

9. Service Ramp
This is a service ramp leading from the storage rooms up to the kitchen area on the 1st floor. Its main purpose is to provide easy access to the food storage when making large banquets. This is also where servants enter the basement when on their way to serve refreshments to the ballroom on the other side of the castle.

10. Freight Lift
This is the bottom of the freight lift shaft. The freight lift allows workers to easily transport large items and crates between the various floors of the castle.

11. Treasure Room
This room contains any valuables not on display elsewhere in the castle. It typically holds the bulk of the residents' wealth, and is well protected with traps and a locked, heavy iron door. The only way into or out of this room is through a hidden staircase behind a bookshelf on the 2nd floor of the library.