Runestone of Teleportation

This appears to be a simple grey polished stone, about 2 inches in size, engraved with a golden-hued rune.

When activated, the runestone will teleport the user and up to 6 extra persons to the last location that the rune was used, as long as the location is on the same plane of existence. All persons to be teleported must be within 10 feet of the user at the time the rune is activated. The runestone cannot be activated again for 24 hours.

The runestone can also be "reset" to its current location, without teleporting to its last location. This still counts as an activation.

Note that any effects which prevent teleportation magic, will also prevent the stone from activating.

Base Stats (All Editions)
Rarity: Very Rare
Weight: 1 ounce
Special: Limited Teleportation properties
Usable By: Anyone