Composite longbow, "Raven's Thunder"

This composite longbow is a masterful piece of work, with an elegant blend of colors and materials. The design has a slight elven influence, with several added touches to give it its own distinctive look. The bow is made from a combination of heartwoods found throughout the Forgotten Realms, which have been expertly carved and grafted together to provide superb strength and flexibility. The bow has a finish made from protective oils and sealed with durable varnishes.

The bow is decorated with several engraved runes and patterns inlaid with gold, plus 2 baljril stones and 2 garnet gems set into the shaft. On the shaft just behind the grip is an engraved symbol, inlaid with silver and bearing the mark of the Ravenwood family.

The bow is equally blessed with power. It is uncannily accurate when fired, and even the most mundane arrows fired from the bow bore into their targets. As an added touch, arrows launched from the bow erupt in a shower of sparks on impact.

Base Stats (d20 / Pathfinder)

Rarity: Unique
Type: Composite Longbow (Piercing)
Weight: 2
Base Damage: 1d8 (critical x3)
Enhancement Bonus: +2
Mighty: +3
Range Increment: 110
Special: Ironwood, +1d6 Electrical, Arrows count as magical

Base Stats (2nd Edition)

Rarity: Unique
Type: Composite Longbow (Piercing)
Size: Large
Weight: 3
Speed: 5
Attack/Damage Bonus: +2
Range: As Per Composite Longbows
Special: Ironwood, +1d4 Electrical, Arrows count as magical


Ironwood is a magical substance created by druids from normal wood. While remaining as light and flexible as natural wood, ironwood is as strong and resilient as steel. It is treated as steel for determining item hardness, saving throws, hitpoints, and resistances. However, only spells that can affect wood will affect ironwood. Ironwood does not burn.