Plate Armor of the Gods

This powerful suit of full plate is believed to be among the last works of Hadynus, the master dwarven smith. The armor is made of an unknown dark metal with a slight violet tinting, and trimmed with polished gold. It's lusterious sheen and precise lines give it an elegant appearance, while its light weight and superb balance allow the wearer to move virtually unencumbered.

Due to a combination of the unusual metal and the enchantments on it, this suit never requires oiling, and is extremely resistant to most forms of attacks (natural, magical, and breath weapons). The suit counts as full plate +4, and improves all the wearer's basic stats by +1 while wearing the armor. Also, when worn by a Paladin or Cleric, the holy symbol of the wearer's god appears on the front of the breast plate and on the shoulder plates.

Base Stats (d20 / Pathfinder)

Rarity: Limited (2 in existance)
Type: Full Plate
Weight: 25
Base AC: +8
Armor Bonus: +4
Maximum Dex Bonus: +2
Arcane Spell Failure: 15%
Armor Check Penalty: -3
Base Movement Speed:30(medium) / 20(small)
Special: Astral Steel, +2 stacking bonus to highest 3 base stats

Base Stats (2nd Edition)

Rarity: Limited (2 in existance)
Weight: 25
AC: -3 (Full Plate +4)
Saving Throw Bonus: +4
Special: Astral Steel, +1 bonus to highest 3 base stats*
Usable by:Warriors, Priests (unless god/mythos does not allow plate armor)

*Warrior-based classes with at least 18/01 strength increase to the next higher Exceptional Stength tier, up to a max of 18/00.

Astral Steel

Compared to normal armor of the same type, armor made from this material weighs half as much, imposes only half the normal armor penalties, and in d20 systems, allows twice the normal AC bonus from Dexterity.

Movement speeds while wearing this armor are the same as though wearing light armor.