Site Updates
I am currently looking to start a new Pathfinder 2e campaign for players in the Lancaster / York PA area!
Gaming sessions will be in-person, and will be every-other weekend, based on players' schedules.
If interested in joining, please contact me at for more details.
May 2024

I have just finished creating a version of the Sylvan Blade class for Pathfinder 2e.

Since Pathfinder 2e already has a way to add Druid features to a class, I decided for this version to change the class into a martial Archetype that could be applied to any class to give them a mix of weapon prowess along with outdoors-themed support abilities. This allows the archetype to compliment the abilities of just about any class, without stepping on the Ranger's current niche in Pathfinder 2e.

I also would like present a brand new custom class: The Valkyrie!

In mythology, the Valkyrie are heralds of the gods, and scour battlefields looking for worthy souls to recruit to the service of their gods. These tales have been passed down over countless centuries and still captivate the imagination today.

This is my adaptation of that classic myth for use with the Pathfinder 2e system. Please feel free to leave me a message and let me know what you think. I may also create a version for Pathfinder 1e and old 3.5e / d20 systems, if there is sufficient interest.

April 2024

After nearly a decade since the last site overhaul, I have updated all the pages to a cleaner and larger layout. The new layout now supports scaling on higher-resolution monitors, and now has full support for mobile devices. I will also continue to make improvements elsewhere on the site as time permits.

My next task will be updating the look of the entries for the custom races, classes, items, and spells listed in the Gaming Resources section. The planned format will clean up the entries a bit, and allow the user to easily switch between the various D&D and Pathfinder versions for each entry.

In addition, I will also be adding new Pathfinder 2e versions for all the entries.