Credits & Thanks

The world of Tarias and this website would not exist if not for the help and contributions of numerous individuals. Therefore, I have listed below all those who helped me with the website, and those who deserve credit for the various works displayed on this site.


[Visions of the Goddess] Jonathon Bowser - "Visions of the Goddess"
Special thanks go out to Jonathon, whose wondrous paintings have inspired several of the stories and characters written on this site. His work is featured on this site along with those stories. Jonathon, may your work continue to inspire others for generations to come.

[Digital Blasphemy] Ryan Bliss - "Digital Blasphemy"
A special shout-out to Ryan for his amazing 3-d digital art. His fantastic landscapes were the inspiration behind several important locations in Tarias. His artwork was also what prompted me to begin creating my own 3D artwork in Bryce. He has since expanded his skills to include a vast array of other 3D imaging software, and continues to create eye-popping imagery.

[Midi Compositions by Bruce DeBoer] Bruce DeBoer - "Original Midi Compositions by"
Thank you, Bruce, for your beautiful music. Bruce had composed a multitude of midi's that he had graciously posted on his website for use on non-commercial sites. Sadly, his website is now gone, and I have not been able to track down where he has gone since then.

Personal Thanks

Chad Walton
My co-conspirator. I may have had the original brainstorm for this new AD&D realm, but it was his knowledge of the game that lay the foundation for making this a reality. All those nights we spent bouncing ideas around, not quite realizing what we were in for, were a blast!

"Zolar" Miller
One of our original players who played the part of "Zolar". He always seemed to find a way to inject outrageous humor into the most mundane tasks. Special note: next time you change your character into a frog, be careful what you try to eat!

Joe, Paul, Rob, Ash, and Kay
The players in my first campaign as DM. They played the misfits you read about in the Campaign Chronicles. It's a wonder we got anything done with all the hilarious ideas they came up with in game, and the oddball remarks they make out of character. I consider them all good friends and players.