Original Artwork - Old Sheep Road Bridge
by Stephen Nispel

Ok, I realize this image does not exactly fit the "theme" of my other images, but hear me out. This is an image inspired by an actual old steel truss bridge near my home. We had a few days of near-summer weather in our area, and I went for a bicycle ride through some old back roads I had never explored before.

I happened across a stretch of road with a sign labeled "Old Sheep Bridge Rd". The road is about 5 miles long from end to end, and barely half its length is paved; the rest is gravel and dirt. Halfway down this stretch of road lies an old steel truss bridge, still in service and painted a pale green with small patches of rust starting to show through. The bridge had a "rustic" charm to it, and seeing it standing against the majestic backdrop of the changing autumn leaves, gave me this spark of inspiration.

These one-lane truss bridges are quickly becoming a rare breed here in Pennsylvania and the Northeast. A few are still in service (mostly for historical reasons), but many are either bybassed and left to rust, or are torn down completely in favor of newer (and wider) bridge designs. Most of those still in use can only be found on old country back roads like this.