Original Artwork - Sanctuary Lake
by Stephen Nispel

Webdancer's Featured Artist CG3D Image Originality Excellence Award Winner Welcome to Jhuntara's sanctuary, a shallow mountain springwater lake hidden somewhere within the realm of Tarias. It is here that Jhuntara sought refuge after her near-fatal battle with a dark entity from another realm. In the center of the lake, an archway of marble and silver marks the spot where she re-emerged from the lake to imbue her champion's sword with the last of her divine power. Legend says the archway also serves as a gateway, harnessing the rays of the sun to create a portal to Jhuntara's celestial temple.

This scene was done entirely in Bryce 4. Other than gamma and contrast adjustments, there has been no post-render editing to the image. This is a very old image, and I plan to improve this image using the features of the newer Bryce 7.