Original Artwork - Entrance Hall
by Stephen Nispel

Digital Artworks Award Winner CG3D Image Originality Excellence Award Winner
Bryce Forum Select Gallery Award Winner Webdancer's Featured Artist
This is a view of the entrance hall of the castle keep owned by the player characters in my current campaign. This is the view from the front entrance of the castle, with the inner courtyard just on the other side of the stained-glass window. I plan to make a daytime view of the entrance hall, as seen from the opposite end of the hall.

This is one of the most complex compositions I've made so far, combining a wide variety of textures and shapes to create everything from the column decorations to the patterned wood trim. To create a more realistic lighting pattern, each candle (both in and out of view) has its own individual light source (over 50 lights total). With so much detail and so many light sources, this scene can take several hours to render.