Zendril Melquire
Elven Rogue

[Holy symbol of Corellon, Lord of the Elves] Realm of Origin: Toril (Forgotten Realms)
Era: Present (after the Time of Troubles)

Zendril is probably the most unlikely rogue you'll ever know. Though he is well trained in all the skills one would expect from his profession, he has a penchant for dumb luck, both good and ill. He has been known to accidentally set off the easiest of traps, yet the very trap he just sprung will instead knock him barely out of harm's way, blow right by him as he stands there cringing, or something as random as his shirt catching on the edge as he falls into a pit.

Though he follows the elven deity Corellon (like most elves), many have speculated that his unusual luck may be a gift (or prank) bestowed by a different deity.