Noteworthy Characters
Drow - Mage/Rogue
Great War

[Symbol of the Drow] A cunning assassin, Voluroff uses the magic he has learned over the years to turn his trade into a deadly art.

In the months leading up to the War of the Scaled Horde, he was tasked with thinning and/or infiltrating the ranks of the human leadership in each town, ahead of the Drow army's planned attacks. His most glorious accomplishment was in the sacking of Tymor Keep, where he spent weeks learning every detail of their city's defense. So well did he complete his work, that the city gates were laid open in the moments before the approaching Drow army charged.

This was also the night of his biggest failure, where he was tasked with kidnapping the young granddaughter of the city's lord, for purposes known only to his real employers. In a twist of irony, it was this very girl that sent him slinking away in defeat, when she surprised him (and herself) by unleashing a powerful burst of magic, in a moment of desperation and by sheer instinct.

As the years passed, Voluroff concentrated more on his own magical talent, determined to make himself a more powerful wizard, who could not be harmed by such magical attacks. To achieve this goal, he bound himself to the service of the exiled god Dramar, in exchange for more magical power. He would eventually be given the opportunity to avenge his only defeat, when he was sent to investigate the activity in Jhuntara's sanctuary...