Noteworthy Characters
Felosian - Mystic
Great War

[Holy Symbol of Felos] Telaron, one of the woodland Felosians, started out his adult life as a scholar and teacher among his people. He would travel the lands, seeking out the knowledge and wisdom of the various cultures of the realm that his people rarely interacted with.

He was eventually recruited by members of the Order of the Unseen, an organization dedicated to preserving the knowledge of past and potential threats to the realm. They believed that there were forces just beyond this world, and from Tarias' long-forgotten past, with designs to conquer or destroy all of the realm. For them, the key to understanding these threats lay in the histories of Tarias' myriad lost civilizations. And further, they were charged with keeping every truthful written account of historical events, especially those that ambitious leaders tried to alter, hide, or destroy.

During the War of the Scaled Horde, Telaron found himself torn between protecting his people, or protecting the realm. The Order had accumulated much hidden knowledge over the centuries, among them prophecies surrounding the fate of the realm and of its peoples. When he read from these scrolls, they showed to him their predictions in such a way, that it was as if he was actually living them.

In the aftermath of the fall of the goddess Jhuntara, the armies of the dark god Dramar had ceased their campaign against the civilizations of the mortal races. At the same time, the armies of the Guardians had mostly scattered. For reasons unclear to him, Dramar and his armies seemed content to remain in the lands they had already conquered.

It was during this "Calm" that scrolls provided him a final glimpse of the future. Some event would reunite the Guardian armies, and spur Dramar to resume his campaign of destruction against the mortals. In this future, Dramar would ultimately fall, but his defeat would come at a terrible cost. The Felosian homeland, and their entire civilization, would be annihilated in his wake, along with many neighboring lands. The world would eventually recover, but the Felosian race would be no more.

However, the scrolls showed another future, in which an assassination of one of the Guardians' champions, a female priestess, would delay the coming war for nearly a decade. It would be during this time, armed with the foreknowledge of the scrolls, that the Felosians and the remaining free civilizations could construct a series of portals. The portals would allow them to evacuate their people to other worlds, safe from the reach of Dramar's armies. Telaron's people, and the people of Tarias, would thrive on their new worlds, but Tarias would become a dead world, forever consumed by Dramar's destructive power.

To save his people, all he had to do was stay his hand, and allow the predicted assassination to come to pass. But, standing there in the shadows of the forest canopy, watching the young priestess and heir to Jhuntara's legacy, he understood at last what was truly at stake. When his senses alerted him to the assassin's presence, he silently made his choice...

.. And doomed his homeland...