Noteworthy Characters
Drow - Fighter/Mage
Forgotten Realms

[Symbol of the Drow] Forced to flee the underdark after defying the Matriarch of his house, Silver managed to make a living in the less civilized lands north of the Dalelands, selling furs and hides from his hunting, and hiring himself out as a sellsword.

He eventually earned a modest reputation for himself, at least enough that he could travel the Dalelands to the south without harrasment. He was eventually recruited for a mission by the Freeriders of Daggerdale, along with an unlikely company of adventures.

The mission was to rescue the legitimate heir to the city/state of Dagger Falls, Randal Morn, and help him retake the city from the grasp of the Zhentarim. After several long, hard battles, they were successful, but an accident during their next mission would take his life.