Noteworthy Characters
Lord of the Great Cats
Age of Mortals - Present
Neutral (Chaotic/Neutral)
Curiosity, Mischief, Great Cats, Hunting

[Holy Symbol of Felos] Felos is one of the youngest members of the Ancients, and filled with youthful curiosity. He spends most of his time in the mortal realm, exploring and silently watching the activities of the mortals. On occasion, he has even been known to appear in mortal form in times of celebration, so as to better enjoy the mortals' merriment.

He is light-hearted, and has an affinity for harmless jokes and playful mischief. He also has a deep love of art, music, and the quiet grace of nature's creatures. It is perhaps these traits which steered his attentions to the various feline species of the realm.

A thousand years before the time of the War of the Scaled Horde, he became intrigued with the large predatory cats of the jungles, plains, and mountain regions in the realm. He grew fond of several rare breeds that were dying out at the time, either through excessive hunting in the regions or other natural causes.

In an effort to save them, he used his power to transform their bodies and minds, giving them better intellects and demi-human forms. The other Ancients disapproved of his actions, for it violated their tenets against interference with the natural order of the realm. However, they conceded that he had acted out of compassion, not selfishness.

Rather than exile him from the spiritual realm, they made him personally responsible for the new race and any consequences of their actions. He took up the task with a sense of youthful pride, and with a renewed interest in watching his creations thrive. The new race he had created would go on to be called Felosians, with him as their primary protector and god.